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MIFI Internet

Super fast, up to 20MBPS download and 3.0MBPS upload speed

MIFI Router

Inland 7 to 12 MBPS

East of Malaga 7 to 15 MBPS

West of Malaga 7 to 20 MBPS

Connect all your devices!

TV Laptop Tablet Mobile

Super Fast
Internet Download

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Router with Unlimited Internet

Super fast, up to 20MBPS Download Speed!

4G MIFI Router

Download Speed Maximum 20 MBPS

Upload Speed 1 MBPS

Monthly Allowance 'Unlimited'

Connect up to 32 devices!

TV Laptop Tablet Mobile

Fast & Reliable
Unlimited Internet

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IPTV - Internet Protocol Television

Watch TV channels through the internet!
No satellite dish needed!


PAYG - Pay as you go

14 Day catch up TV

All UK Satellite Channels

Minimum 2mb ADSL speed




much more!

Installations by Certified Engineers

The Sky Doctor's installing Sky satellite systems for over 16 YEARS!

Our Products

3G Unlimited Internet

Sky HD and 3D

Freesat and Freesat + HD

MIFI Unlimited Internet

Sky HD & Multiroom

IPTV Spain

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NEW - The BritPack Satellite System

Watch your favourite Freesat TV Channels!
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Price Includes

GI HD Receiver

Mini Satellite Dish



Price Inc. IVA (VAT)


Unlimited Internet, 3G MIFI Internet, IPTV & Sky installations Costa del Sol Spain

Welcome to The Sky Doctor

The Sky Doctors have been installing satellite, aerial and telecommunications equipment on the Costa del Sol for the last 16 years.  In that time we have emerged as the market leader in our field and have grown from a satellite installation company into a telecommunications organisation that covers all aspects of internet in Spain, WIFI Internet, 3G MIFI rental internet, 4G internet and Unlimited internet with superb products like the unlimited internet router.

Our company was born out of a the belief that our clients need products that suit their own requirements, not to be sold something that they do not understand or is not fit for purpose, at a good price and to give our customers the service that they expect on installation and after service care.

3G Unlimited Internet Router Spain

Unlimited Internet in Spain

The Unlimited internet router on the Costa del Sol provides unlimited internet in spain and is able to reach speeds of up to 20MBPS download and 5MBPS upload and is ideal for all your IPTV and wifi enabled equipment.  Use the unlimited router to connect up to 32 devices via WIFI or hardwire up to 4 devices.

Our router comes with unlimited internet, this means there are no data usage caps enabling you to watch internet TV, IPTV Spain, download movies, or just browse the internet without any loss in internet speed.

Unlimited Internet

Connect up to 32 Devices

50% Cash back after 12 months

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Reliable Unlimited Internet Costa del Sol

With so many areas on the Costa del Sol in need for high speed unlimited internet, we have listed some of the Towns where you can find out more about getting reliable, fast internet in your area. Please click on the links below for more information.

Featured Products

IPTV Spain


UK TV in Spain

English TV in Spain

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Freesat BritPack

Freesat Britpak

Access UK Free Channels

Watch Freesat TV in Spain

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3G Mobile Internet Spain


3G MIFI Internet Spain

Fair usage policy Internet

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We have listed some of our best selling products such as, 'Unlimited Internet Router, 3G MIFI, Freesat UKTV and IPTV available to buy directly from The Sky Doctor

3G Unlimited Internet Router Spain

Unlimited Internet in Spain

After the success that was driven by the 3G MIFI product, we have then sourced, tested and rolled out our best selling WIFI internet product. The Unlimited WIFI Router. We initially introduced the 4G router to the Costa del Sol over 3 years ago and this was an immense success. With the ADSL internet struggling to cope with demand on the Costa del Sol and Fibre Optic internet only being installed in certain areas, we believe that the Unlimited WIFI Router is the way forward for clients in bad areas, clients that find it difficult to communicate with the mainstream telephone providers and clients that want to speak to a British speaking company with a British work ethic. The Unlimited WIFI router not only supports WIFI, you can also hardwire your IPTV equipment to the router, use your VOIP telephones and obviously connect your laptops, iPads, mobiles, in fact, connect up to 32 devices up to the Unlimited WIFI router.

To see the various WIFI internet plans on offer and check to see if the Unlimited WIFI Router works well in your location, please take a look at our Unlimited Internet services we provide on the Costa del Sol.

3G MIFI Rental in Spain

The 3G MIFI mobile internet dongle Spain, is an excellant WIFI rental product that we introduced to the Costa del Sol over 4 years ago. We initially rolled out the 3G MIFI out for use with our IPTV products and for clients that use their television for streaming. Today, we still have clients that use the 3G MIFI for this purpose but the 3G MIFI is mainly used for our short term WIFI rentals in Spain. We have 1000's of happy clients using the product whereby you rent the 3G MIFI dongle between 5 to 31 days, only paying for the days that you use. We have 2 collection/drop off points in Calahonda and Nueva Andalucía. You can book your WIFI rental and collect your 3G MIFI dongle from the selected collection point and then drop it off when you have finished with it. Clients need to use the online booking form every time as we can allocate your 3G MIFI WIFI internet for the day of collection. Please have a read at some of the 1000's of happy clients that have used our WIFI rental service on our testimonial page.

Find out more about 3G WIFI Rental in Spain.

MIFI Router
The BritPack

UK Freesat in Spain - The BritPack UK TV IN SPAIN

Since what was called 'the big switch off' of UK Freesat channels in Feb 2014, many clients have switched to IPTV (Internet TV) as many of the UK channels have been lost. This however can become expensive, particularly if clients are 'infrequent' visitors to the Costa del Sol. Over the last 3 years we have monitored and researched a basic Freesat system that will get you all the Main UK Freesat channels. BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, CH4, CH5, BBC4, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC News 24, Film 4 and BBC radio stations. All the channels are in HD quality and the satellite system which we have called The BritPack and this little system works extremely well. This is a 'low cost' option so clients that have rental properties and only visit the Costa del Sol a number of times a year will receive basic UK Freesat TV. A small satellite dish and a HD satellite receiver will be installed. The dish can either be hidden on your terrace or out of the way on the roof of the property. The cost of the system is 350€ including IVA (VAT) and this includes all the equipment and the installation. This is the only viable solution to view Freesat channels without internet on the Costa del Sol.

Please call us to see whether this system is the ideal solution for your Freesat problems on the Costa del Sol and Andalucia or find out more about The BritPack service we provide.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

If you have strong fast internet or one of our 'unlimited WIFI routers' in Spain then IPTV is a fantastic option to view all of your UK channels. We have all the UK Freesat channels on this platform.

Find out more about watching UK TV, Scandinavian IPTV via our IPTV page.

MIFI Router
Sky HD

Sky TV - European Satellite Solutions

We have been installing Sky in its various formats for many years and we still believe that Sky HD is an excellent system, even with loss of all of its freesat content. If you are unable to receive strong enough internet in your area and out of range for 4G WIFI then having a Sky dish, maybe combined with one of our Freesat systems may be the option for your UK channels. We also supply and install all European satellite systems for French/German/Dutch/Belgique channels.

We also service all satellite systems and solve any problems that you may have with any product that has been installed by a other companies. Please contact us or you can read more about watching Sky Plus HD on the Costa del Sol.

UK TV Online Costa del Sol, Spain

We provide IPTV for UK and all satellite services including Sky HD and all European satellites to customers all along the Costa del Sol and Southern Spain including, Marbella, Fuengirola, Torreblanca, Mijas Costa, Nerja, Estepona, Duquessa, La Linea, Alhaurin el grande, Alhaurin de la torre, Coin as well as all other towns in Andalucía.

Our services and channel packages include IPTV, MIFI 'unlimited' internet, ADSL Broadband, Sky HD, European satellite systems, aerial installations, community systems and LED/3D televisions. If you are having IPTV or Sky/European satellite or Internet problems of any sort then please contact us as we are able to rectify any problems that you may have with your existing installation.

Over 80% of our Sky/IPTV installation work comes from recommendations. Statistics speak for themselves which is the way we like it. As we know that if we are keeping all of our clients extremely happy then we are doing our job very well.

So if you are in need of Sky Digital, IPTV British television channels in Spain then, give us a call today to find out what we can do for you.

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