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Frustrated by your slow broadband speed?

Let's face it, you live in Alhaurín El Grande because of the stunning scenery. The vista is completely dominated by the awe-inspiring mountain range reaching up to the heavens, and is set next to the wide open and fertile Spanish plains. The sky is big and blue and you are just a tiny speck of a human below, captivated by the wondrous beauty around you.

The thing is, you really don't want your broadband to be equally as captivated, do you? You don't want it stuttering and stalling. On the contrary, you want your broadband to be the best that the Costa del Sol offers. You want it to soar into the sky and be infinite and superfast.

The town of Alhaurin el Grande

Alhaurín El Grande, the town, is a mix of the traditional and the contemporary. It combines modern industry coupled with rustic charm and traditional occupations. It's fabulous as a resort, and stunning as a place to live.

Everywhere you turn you have views of the mountains, and no doubt you enjoy the lovely little park in the town centre, with its quaint old trees and meandering streams and waterfall. Elsewhere you have access to the Fahala River, into which the Jurique and the Torres flow, as well as the Pasadas River, which flows from the Barranco Blanco area through lakes and waterfalls. In addition, Alhaurín El Grande is only 25 minutes from the beaches at Fuengirola and La Colina, so you're never far away from a day at the beach. If you want to be more active, the nearest golf course is Lauro Golf, a reasonably priced course of 27 holes designed by Falco Nardi.

Finish off your day with tapas at any of the numerous bars and restaurants and relax with some cold Spanish caña (small beer).

It's bliss, but what about your broadband?

You're not far from your sister town of Alhaurin de la Torre – just 15 kilometres in fact. But you're not walking there to visit friends, you'd much rather send an email. Why settle then, for broadband speeds that mean a tortoise could take your message faster than your email can be sent. If you need to measure your broadband speed and you're unhappy with the results, then really it's time to get The Sky Doctor in.

The Sky Doctor and Alhaurín El Grande 4G Unlimited Internet

For further information about getting your 4G Unlimited Internet in Alhaurín El Grande from The Sky Doctor, visit our 4G Unlimited Internet page or please call The Sky Doctor on +34 952 763 840 alternatively you can contact us by using our contact form.

Unlimited Internet speeds in Alhaurín El Grande Costa del Sol.

4G Download and Upload Speeds

Download Speed Maximum 20 MBPS

Maximum 20 MBPS

Upload Speed 1 MBPS

10% Complete

Monthly Allowance 'Unlimited'

100% Complete
All prices are including IVA (VAT) at the prevailing rate.
*Installation price applies for locations within 1 hour travel time from our base in Marbella.
Geographic areas outside of this zone may cost more.

Service Plan:

Months Price IVA (VAT)
12 Months / 60€ deposit 60€ Per Month Included


Equipment and *Installation 120€.


12 months

(Refundable on completion of contract terms). Installation extras to be agreed upon booking.
Please see terms & conditions on your 4G contract. 60€ line rental deposit will apply.
*Product availability subject to area coverage.


Connect up to 32 devices making the router an ideal home entertainment exchange hub.

UP TO 20 MBPS Download Speed
1 MBPS Upload Speed

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The Sky Doctors engineers are CAI qualified, with on-going training to meet the industry standards when it comes to installing our services in your home. This is also backed by our “No Quibble” 1 Year guarantee on all of our products.
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