4G Router Internet in Spain

  • June 14th, 2015
  • The Sky Doctor

The Sky Doctor: First for 4G internet in Spain

Not everyone manages to come first and not everyone is the foremost at something in their field. Here on the Costa del Sol we’re lucky however, because we have The Sky Doctor and his team administering to our unlimited internet needs. The Sky Doctor was the first to implement 4G internet in Spain in 2013, and now The Sky Doctor has become the number one 4G internet provider in Spain.

Why you need 4G internet

Given that the normal broadband services offered in Spain are pretty slow and shoddy, you need 4G internet from The Sky Doctor to ensure your upload and download broadband speeds are superfast, because if they aren’t you’ll be wasting a great deal of your time trying to stream movies, chat online or just attend to your emails. Cut the frustration and request your 4G router from us today.

The Sky Doctor’s 4G Router

The Sky Doctor can supply and fit a 4G Internet WIFI Router anywhere in the Costa del Sol. Our development team have tested the 4G router in various locations and achieved download speeds of 42 MBPS (Megabits per Second) and upload speeds of 15 MBPS. The 4G internet router can connect up to 32 devices simultaneously and has 4 Ethernet ports so you can attach your hardware if you prefer.

The Sky Doctor uses cutting edge technology to bring you unlimited broadband. Our wireless 4G router is the first in Spain and across the world that supports LTE FDD 800/1800/2600 MHZ. This means that it works with our SIM cards on 2G 3G 4G internet networks and will give download speeds of up to 100 MBPS internet without a phone line anywhere on the Costa del Sol.

You’ll be able to access unlimited broadband using our uncapped service because we don’t limit the data usage like most other providers, and we don’t have a ‘fair usage policy’. You are free to use it as much as you like, doing what you like.

The Sky Doctor: First for customer service

The Sky Doctor has been operating on the Costa del Sol for over fifteen years now, installing Sky TV and internet in Spain. In that time he has built up a brilliant reputation. Our team have completed thousands of installations across the Costa del Sol and are people’s first choice precisely because we take customer service very seriously. The Sky Doctor’s team is composed of primarily native English speakers, along with some who speak Spanish and French. That means our communication is excellent and you’ll always understand exactly what’s going on.

In addition to this, The Sky Doctor’s engineers are CAI qualified, and on-going training is of primary importance. We always meet industry standards when it comes to installing our services in your home because we know that’s important to you. The icing on the cake? All of our products are backed by our “No Quibble” 1 Year guarantee.

The Sky Doctor: First for you

To request your 4G router so that you can access unlimited 4G internet in Spain you need to contact The Sky Doctor and his team today. The Sky Doctor can revolutionise your Spanish broadband experience, so what are you waiting for?

Contact The Sky Doctor today for an informal chat on +34 952 763 840 or by using our contact form.

All of our products are Supplied and Installed Directly from The Sky Doctors

The Sky Doctors engineers are CAI qualified, with on-going training to meet the industry standards when it comes to installing our services in your home. This is also backed by our “No Quibble” 1 Year guarantee on all of our products.
If you have any questions with regards to our products of services please feel free to contact us.

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