4G WIFI Internet Calahonda and Mijas Costa Spain

  • June 9th, 2015
  • The Sky Doctor

We all know the problem, you get home from work or from the beach after a hot day in the Costa del Sol sun, open a tin of your favourite tipple and immediately turn on the Television in the hope of catching the news or your beloved Coronation Street or Eastenders only to find the TV breaking up, buffering like mad or a message that says ‘loading’.

This immediately causes a family argument as the kids are using the WIFI, your trying to catch up on some vital ‘me’ time and your internet in Spain just isn’t up to scratch!

The truth of the matter is this. If you have WIFI internet that is not connected to your telephone line, you will only receive 3 to 4 MB at best and in the summer in the Costa del Sol in high populous areas like Calahonda and Riveria in Mijas Costa that will be halved (if not more) due to the influx of holiday makers arriving on the Costa del Sol. 3 or 4 MB could not cope with the kids streaming You Tube, Facebook XBox’s and you trying to catch up on watching a spot of TV. The honest answer is that 3 or 4 MB could not run a bath!

So what is the answer we hear you scream! As usual The Sky Doctor has it. We rolled out and implemented the 4G WIFI Internet router 15 months ago after we vigorously tested the 3G MIFI WIFI Rental unit to measure the speeds in every area on the Costa del Sol.

We checked and monitored all locations, particularly in the Calahonda and Marbella area where we are based to make sure that it was ‘Unlimited’ internet and was perfect for use with IPTV systems and streaming TV devices.

This has been a major success and has been a total godsend to 1000’s of clients. So much so that we now are able to offer a very special deal.

We will beat any legitimate quote from any company offering the router at any price! Competition is a good thing for our clients and we have always believed for the 15 years that we have been here that our clients deserve the best prices for their internet and obviously the best service.

The 4G WIFI Internet router will give you great speeds, fast internet uploading and will power your IPTV system in Calahonda, Mijas Costa and all areas of the Costa del Sol.

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