The MIFI 3G and 4G Router press release.

  • July 25th, 2014
  • The Sky Doctor

4G Router

Get more details on the 4G Router.

There is much talk about internet issues on the Costa del Sol at present with so many operators vying for their share in the marketplace some good, some not so.  With Telefonica ‘attempting’ to update their infrastructure with fibre on a badly laid out network with only 1 large conduit running down from Madrid we firmly believe that this will take years to implement for installation in the majority of households in the Andalucia area.

Don’t be fooled by other telephone companies offering ‘great deals’ and ‘better internet speeds’.  This is just a ploy to get your business as the lines are all run and sub contracted out by Telefonica anyway so it is impossible to offer more for less.  This usually results in giving you less internet speed for less money!   We have also had scores of clients complaining about the IPTV boxes that companies send out with ‘bundle’ packages as they are poor quality with no instruction given and no back up service.  The majority send them back, disappointed that they haven’t received the level of service expected from their own country of residence.

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