Internet in Spain

  • June 15th, 2015
  • The Sky Doctor

Historic issues with the internet in Spain

Spain is a fabulous country with a sensational culture and wonderful, warm people, but historically their broadband has been a bit of a mess. They were way behind sorting out telecommunications compared to most of the rest of Europe and there are still many issues for people like you who have made the Costa del Sol your second or even new home, simply because the infrastructure in place has not been updated and modernised in years.

The basic connection speed for internet in Spain is usually around 3MBPS which is only really enough for basic use (surfing in the net, sending and receiving emails for example) and many providers insist that you need a local bank account with a NIE number (Spanish social security number) and a passport. In return you get a 12 month minimum contract, and most of the customer service agents only speak Spanish.

You need an English speaking service

Lack of English for communication purposes is particularly frustrating given that when there are problems with the telephone and internet lines and the service doesn’t work (which is a regular occurrence) you have no-one to talk to. Research indicates that over 80% of Spanish broadband households regularly experience problems with their connected devices such as PCs, home networks, smartphones, and tablets. Common problems include viruses, malware, and the resulting poor performance of the device.

You need The Sky Doctor!

The Sky Doctor is your go-to problem solver for all things relating to the internet in Spain. He can solve all of your broadband problems. He and his team are mainly native English speaking and can offer superfast broadband using their 4G internet routers to rent or buy. In addition to this if you want to be mobile, The Sky Doctor can supply you with his MIFI package.

MIFI Spain with Unlimited Internet

The Sky Doctor offers rental packages for MIFI in Spain and gives you unlimited internet! For just 3€ per day you can rent a 3G MIFI device and freely access 3G MIFI Spain Internet services, so whether you’re holidaying on the Costa del Sol or you have moved here permanently, The Sky Doctor’s 3G MIFI router will allow you to access WIFI in Spain wherever you want and whenever you want on which ever device you choose! Our ingenious pocket size MIFI router enables you to stay connected to the internet in Spain with download speeds of between 7 to 20 MBPS. Our MIFI Spain device allows you to watch TV online, check emails, play games or simply browse the internet.

MIFI Spain – perfect for the whole family

The battery lasts approximately 4.5+ hours and you can connect up to 8 devices via WIFI at once – a perfect solution that will benefit the whole family. Contact The Sky Doctor today for more details.

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