MIFI Spain – 3G Mobile Internet

  • September 13th, 2015
  • The Sky Doctor

Super-fast unlimited internet up to 20MBPS download and 1.5MBPS upload speeds

Poor service from your mobile internet provider in Spain?

Fed up of watching your mobile phone buffering every time you try to use the internet? Having a nightmare uploading your photos onto Facebook? Struggling to download your emails when you’re out and about? If this sounds familiar then you need our portable MIFI router. This pocket sized device can travel with you wherever you go in Spain and allows you to surf the net at high speed with absolutely no data limits.

Fed up of sky-high roaming charges in Spain?

Getting through your data allowance before the end of each month? Worried about the high cost of using the internet on your mobile? There is a better way – try one of our portable MIFI routers for as little as 3€ per day and enjoy fast, reliable access to the internet wherever and whenever you need it in Spain.

Enjoy the internet with no limits in Spain!

Our mobile 3G MIFI router can be used anywhere, so you can take it to the beach, out on the golf course, or even take it with you while you’re out shopping. Our reliable service means you can hop on and off Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as many times as you like, and with no download limits you can also enjoy watching TV and movies on the go. MIFI Spain is ideal for visitors and holiday-makers with our cost effective daily charge option, and for permanent residents we also offer great discounted fees for longer term rentals.

MIFI Spain is available now – click here for more info, or contact us to book yours today!

All of our products are supplied and installed directly from The Sky Doctors; our engineers are CAI qualified, with on-going training to meet the highest industry standards. We also offer a “No Quibble” 1 Year guarantee on all of our products.

All of our products are Supplied and Installed Directly from The Sky Doctors

The Sky Doctors engineers are CAI qualified, with on-going training to meet the industry standards when it comes to installing our services in your home. This is also backed by our “No Quibble” 1 Year guarantee on all of our products.
If you have any questions with regards to our products of services please feel free to contact us.

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