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If you have any questions that are not answered here or anywhere else on our website regarding Unlimited WIFI router, renting 3G MIFI/Mobile Internet Spain, IPTV Spain, Freesat TV channels or how to watch UK TV online in Spain, please contact us via our contact page or call +34 952 763 840.

Does the Unlimited WIFI router have a telephone line?

No, it's just Internet without a phone line. You can use your mobile phone with the Unlimited WIFI router through any Skype or VOIP service.

Does the Unlimited WIFI Router give you a better internet speed than ADSL or Fibre Optic

This depends on whether you are in a good 3G WIFI internet signal area. The Unlimited router works on the Movistar network so if you have a Movistar mobile phone, read our IPTV page of this website and check your internet speed for your area. The Unlimited WIFI router can give you speeds far higher than a standard ADSL line and will be comparable to fibre optic if you are in a good 3G area.

How quickly can you deliver the Unlimited WIFI router to us?

The Sky Doctors can usually deliver your 4G WIFI router to your home within 48 hours from ordering, (If not sooner). We will test the internet speed in your location before we install to make sure that it is fast enough for your needs. The general rule of thumb is if the 3G WIFI speed is over 9MB, It will be fine for IPTV and streaming TV through the internet. If it is under 9MB then you will experience problems and we would not instal the Unlimited WIFI router unless it was just for basic internet and social media surfing.

Can we take the Unlimited WIFI router with us when we move house?

 It is really easy to set this up. After we have either installed the 3G MIFI or the Unlimited router, if you have moved location just connect it to the mains electric, connect the LAN lead to your IPTV equipment and away you go. Just plug the Unlimited router in to an electric socket and download a speed test application on your mobile or tablet, or check your internet speed on the IPTV section of our website. You will be able to check the download speed, upload speed and ping.

It will determine if your new property has 3G in the area as we know how important having a fast WIFI service is for clients in this day and age, it could well be the factor as to whether you buy the house or not!

How easy is it to set up the 3G MIFI or the Unlimited WIFI router?

It is really easy to set this up, after we have installed either the 3G MIFI or the Unlimited router, if you have moved location, just connect it to the mains electric, connect the LAN lead to your IPTV equipment and away you go. Your mobile devices and tablets should already be connected to the WIFI router so there would be no need to re-enter the pin number (located on the underside of the Unlimited router or on the underside of battery cover if you have a 3G MIFI.

After my contract expires on our Unlimited WIFI router, is there a cancellation fee?

No. If you are on any of the tariff plans that you have contracted and you carry on with the contract after it has elapsed, there would be no charge to cancel the 3G MIFI or Unlimited WIFI router.

What is Freesat?

Freesat is a free to air digital satellite television joint venture between the BBC and ITV.

Why is my Freesat not working on the Costa del Sol?

In February 2014 on the Costa del Sol, the majority of Freesat channels were lost through a satellite dish. Astra, the operator of this and the Sky platform launched the new Astra 2 E satellite which was positioned in its correct orbital slot of 28.2 degrees. The channels were migrated from the outgoing Astra 1 N satellite over to 2E. The Freesat channels are located on a new 'UK spot beam', whereas Sky channels are on a 'pan European beam'. Please see BritPack system below, the new Freesat system for the Costa del Sol.

What is the new Britpack system?

The Britpack system is based on the intelsat platform and gives clients that have lost all of their Freesat channels in February 2014 the main uk channels back again with a small satellite dish. To read more on the BritPack system click here.

How long does it take to install a Sky/Freesat satellite system?

It depends whether you live in a townhouse/villa or an apartment. All circumstances are different.

If you live on the ground floor, for example in a new apartment block, we would normally install the dish out of the way, on the roof in a communal area. The cable would be run into the internal conduit and through to your apartment which involves pulling it through with fish-wire, opening cabinets up, gaining roof access from the community, getting keys for the cabinets etc, which can take a bit of time, alternatively you could live in a finca in Alhaurín, that would involve putting the dish on the chimney, or on the strongest part of the house, external cable down and drilling through to where your equipment is.

You could have Sky HD and other boxes as well which means multiple cable runs into different parts of the property! So typically 1 1/2, to 2 hours for a basic install or longer for a more involved one.

One thing for sure, only the best equipment is used and the installation that you receive will be second to none. We try to involve you in telling you what we are doing and we give you the options on where you would like your dish installed; where you would like the cable to be tacked; if you would like your television moved, etc. It is the little things that matter - the detail! As it is YOU the customer that will refer us and in the 15 years that we have been here 1000's of YOU cannot be wrong!

Can I bring any equipment over from the UK?

Yes your TV will work fine with Sky HD as it will work with the Scart or HD inputs. Remember you will not get the main Freesat channels but you will receive ITV2/3/4 HD, CH 5 HD and all of your normal 'pay' Sky programmes. If it is a fairly new TV and a named brand it should work for the local Spanish channels as you can choose the country that you're living in on the menu installation page but it is advisable to check first. Failing that you would need a modulator chip inserted but most modern LCD/Plasmas/LED TVs will have the country code for Europe in their menus.

You can also bring your Sky HD box over from the UK/Ireland as this will work for all of the Sky 'Pay channels'. If you wanted to record via your Sky HD decoder it would need having a different LNB on your dish or another cable from your communal multi switch if you were living in a community of apartments. It is, however sometimes better to be safe than sorry. We supply the correct model boxes which we always have in stock. If you have brought a box from the UK and it goes wrong, you have no way of getting it back quickly to be repaired or swapped over for another one. Whereas if you purchased equipment from us and it is within the guarantee period, if it went wrong we would aim to be with you within 48 hours to replace with new to put your mind completely at rest.

It is sometimes better to be safe than sorry. We supply the correct model boxes which we always have in stock. If you have brought a box from the UK and it goes wrong, you have got no way of getting it back quickly to be repaired or swapped over for another one. Whereas if you purchased equipment from us and it is within the guarantee period if it went wrong we would aim to be with you in 24 hours to replace with new, to put your mind completely at rest.

What is sky plus?

Sky Plus is a digital video recorder and satellite receiver all in one. It enables you to record and store programmes so that you may watch them another time a bit like a VHS video player. You are also able to pause and rewind live TV and like a video recorder, record one channel whilst watching another. You can even record two channels at the same time whilst watching another channel or watching something you have pre-recorded.

What size dish do I need for Freesat/Sky?

We have tested virtually every dish on the market for their strength of signal, versatility, ease of use, weight 'which is important', build quality and design, all down to the basic nuts and bolts, so you don't have to!

As with the loss of all the major Freesat channels in February 2014, we will fit a system for you but we advise that you take a look at the remainder of the Freesat channels click here. As for Sky HD, we will fix a 1.3 metre dish which will give you perfect reception for all the Sky 'Pay' channels. We also install all European satellite systems for all nationalities. When you call to book your installation you will be asked lots of questions to ascertain what would be the best bespoke dish/system for you.

BritPack systems require a smaller 80cm dish to receive perfect HD reception for all of the main UK channels that were previously lost. Read more about the visiting the BritPack page.

"Error message "No satellite signal is being received.

If you are receiving this error message and have already re-set the set top box then the dish may require re aligning by The Sky Doctor. This can only be done using a special piece of equipment called a spectrum analyser or signal meter.

I have problems with my Digibox.

If you find that you get the message on your screen 'Searching for listings' or if you have just a blank blue screen then try unplugging the Digibox from the mains, leaving it for around 20 minutes and then plugging it back in. Sometimes a build-up of static in the box can cause this and by turning it off for 20 minutes and then re-setting it can clear this fault. You may also wish to ensure that all cabling is firmly in place and that all cables have a good connection.

I live on an urbanisation and my president is saying that I am not permitted to install a satellite dish.

By EU law and the freedom of information act, your president must allow you to install and have access to satellite TV. Inform him that this is your right under EU law and that if he does not accept this then please consult your lawyer.

What is IPTV?

IPTV (Internet protocol television) is digital television that uses internet protocols (http, rtsp, igmp). These are technologies used for a computer network which is managed on a closed network. This can either be live television or pre-recorded (catch up/on demand TV). A managed network like this has control over bandwidth allocation, contention ratio and the content of channels which gives you quality of service from a server (provider).

Is IPTV like a Sky or satellite receiver?

In its content and delivery method of options, yes. In its delivery method of channels to the television, no. IPTV has TV guides, catch up TV, time shift TV, back end options like movie club, a remote control that works like a satellite receiver, so yes. Once we have given instruction on how to use your system it will be as easy to operate as a satellite receiver, the only difference being that there is no satellite dish required as it runs purely from the internet in your property. This is why it is so important to have strong, fast broadband to supply it.

Do I need a strong (quality) internet connection?

In short, yes. Realistically you need a minimum of 1.5 to 2 MB download speed at high internet usage times (2000 to 2300 hrs). If you have 2 MB in the daytime, that may well drop at night by as much as 1 MB or even more, meaning your television would be unwatchable at night.

The best options for a strong secure internet connection would be to either have ADSL broadband through a telephone connection or our superb MIFI 'unlimited' internet router which would work in the event of your telephone provider not supplying a strong enough internet service. Unfortunately decent internet service in Spain is not cheap in comparison to the UK so if you have or we're thinking of going for a cheaper WIFI internet service, you may be disappointed. WIFI operators throughout the Costa del Sol have huge issues their systems due to the amount of their clients using the service for streaming television.

Typically each WIFI operator will install a 50 GB mast in certain areas that would be operable for their internet clients. They will offer speeds of between 3 to 6 MB and charge between €25 to €40 per month. This all sounds good, but due to the switch over of satellites, lots of expats are using there IPTV boxes on these WIFI systems which has created a huge problem. An IPTV box will typically use 1 to 2 GB per hour, (depending on the system) so it would only need 30 or so clients streaming TV in one form or another to clog up a 50 GB mast that was intentionally installed for 2 or 300 customers. We have had many calls from clients using a WIFI service, trying to stream IPTV which is not working correctly and this is precisely why it is not advisable to use WIFI for IPTV. If you need strong internet or have issues with your existing supplier, click to our MIFI page as this may well be the solution to your internet problems.

Can I take IPTV and MIFI internet with me if I move house?

Yes you can and you can set it up yourself, very easily. The IPTV set top box that you have will be wirelessly connected to the MIFI device so all that you would need to do is 'plug and play'. Connect to your television by the appropriate leads and as long as the internet speed is suitable from the MIFI then it will work perfectly. The advantage of having MIFI will become beneficial before you move home as you can test the internet speed of the MIFI internet unit so as to determine whether or not the new house you are renting or buying will have good enough internet! This may be a major factor in your decision as to whether internet speeds are fast enough in your chosen area. It has had a huge impact in the UK as households that have inadequate internet as they are selling in some cases up to 30% less than those with a good quality internet connection.

Are there any problems with IPTV? Does it buffer? Do we ever need to reset the system? Are there any issues?

Firstly IPTV is and never will be as good as your favourite satellite supplier. TV satellites have been operating for over 30 years with billions of pounds of investment in infrastructure and product development. IPTV 'at present' is still developing in the market place and in comparison to a satellite system prone to certain issues. IPTV relies on a good stable internet connection and if this is not obtainable there will be issues with your system. Buffering on a IPTV system 'typically' occurs if you have been sold a set top box with a poor quality server or you have an android box with a free service on the system. This shouldn't happen with our systems. If you have a message on the TV screen that says page loading error, typically this is a problem with your internet connection.

  1. Unplug your internet router, unplug the LAN connection, then re insert the LAN and the mains power lead.
  2. Go to your IPTV box, unplug the LAN cable and the power cable from the back of the IPTV box then re insert the LAN and the power lead.

Your IPTV box will reset itself and you should continue with viewing channels. If the problem persists, we would advise you to check your internet speed by clicking here. If the speed is below 1.5 MB that is the reason why you are experiencing problems. You would then need to contact your internet supplier to upgrade your internet.

IPTV in general is a very stable platform. If you are connected to a good server network that manages the channels and if problems do occur with the network, the issues are solved quickly. We have researched every single system on the market and have narrowed who we use for their picture quality, choice of options on the IPTV box, channels available, strength of back up service and the response time in the event of a problem. There are many streaming services that are available from different operators, it is vital that the company you choose has the back-up credentials to help you if you have a problem. We believe we fulfil those requirements.

If my IPTV box loses connection from my ADSL WIFI or MIFI internet router! how do I reconnect it?

Press the menu button. Then press the right hand arrow key 'next to the ok button'. Flick across to settings, press Ok. Press the down arrow key to network. Press Ok. Press the down arrow key to 'wireless (WIFI)'. Press Ok where it says Auto DHCP. Scroll down to 'scan', press Ok, then it will show you the available Wylan groups. Press for the correct WIFI code name, then press Ok. Press the Keypad button (which will either say KB or show a small picture depicting a keypad). Enter the password via the virtual keyboard that is shown on your TV screen remembering that the password will be upper/lower case sensitive, then press the keypad button again to take the virtual keyboard off of your TV screen. Then press Ok. Then you are back to the settings (network) page. Scroll down to reload portal and press Ok. This will then reload the box and should engage the wireless network from your MIFI or ADSL WIFI router.

How do I connect WIFI devices to MIFI internet?

WIFI enabled device (PC/Laptop/Smart phone/iPad ). They must be entered number and letter specific otherwise your device will not be able to join the MIFI network.

If we get a problem with MIFI internet, how do we resolve it?

If the MIFI router has lost its signal from the network, take the battery cover off, take out the battery, take out the SIM card, then replace everything and turn on the device by holding the on/off button typically located at the side of the MIFI router (depending on the model).

Make sure that the MIFI is plugged in at the mains and that the battery is charging. The MIFI router can be used in all areas of your property but certain areas will be stronger than others. If you have IPTV then it is best that the MIFI router is situated in the same area, where we initially installed it as this would be where reception is best. Please remember: The MIFI has a 5 hour standby battery life and once the battery has run out of charge it would need to be plugged in to a mains socket. If payment has expired for MIFI, you will be contacted via phone and email for you to make payment. Failure to make payment within a 3 day period will result in the MIFI being turned off.

If your MIFI display reads SIN RED, this could mean that payment has expired and the MIFI has been deactivated. It could also mean there is an issue with the SIM card for which you would need to contact us. If you get 'page loading error' on the TV screen with your MIFI internet, please reset the MIFI as specified at the top of this paragraph. Then, where the IPTV box is situated, if there is a 'Tenda or TP link stick' in the front of the box, take it out and re-insert. Then unplug the small power lead at the back 'on the left' of the IPTV box and re insert. Your IPTV box will reload which will take approximately 2 minutes and you should have the viewing back.

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