Sky TV/IPTV Installations

Professional Sky TV Installations by Qualified Engineers

Choose from the different options. We are here to make these options easier. We offer free advice and a full consultation service to establish what is best for you. Do you only visit Spain 3/4/5 times a year?. We offer a pay as you go service on a minimum 30 day contract. When you arrive, flick open your laptop or iPad, smart phone, click into your account and extend your viewing in the 'cart' for another 30/60/90 etc, days to suit your visit. Within 20 seconds the TV channels will be back on your TV. Obviously if you have issues doing this, help is at hand. Just call us and we will talk you through it.

Remember that we are professional installers, we won't leave you until you are happy with your installation and fully conversant with the system that we have installed. We always try to use the interior conduit in your property so you won't see any unsightly cables. We will always consult you if there is a preference of how you would prefer things to be installed.

Apartments, Townhouses, Villas and Community Systems

Whatever type of property you live in, we cover every type of installation, from a 2 bedroomed apartment to a complete community system. We service and maintain community systems in Los Arqueros, benahavis, la Mairena in Elviria and many individual community's from Nerja to Algeciras, correcting previous installation problems and installing new equipment and cabling to clients apartments and townhouses. We also have completed 1000's of Sky/Freesat installations in clients private villa's and country houses. From a small country finca in Alhaurin to a large multi room system in sierra blanca or la Zagaleta in Marbella, there is not a problem that we have not solved, not a installation that we could not complete. The word can't does not exist in the sky doctors dictionary.

IPTV Systems

IPTV MAG 250 Now with the loss of the majority of your favourite Freesat channels from the Astra 28.2 fleet of satellites is the time to install an IPTV system. We have various systems in place that we have tested in the last 18 months which have been tested thoroughly to ensure the products work efficiently. We have tested the picture quality, the ease of use with all the options on each system so you don't have to.

You will need an ADSL broadband connection or MIFI 'unlimited' internet for the IPTV box to work correctly. With ADSL a minimum of 2 mb is needed, particularly in the evening or with MIFI, we will conduct a test in the daytime for which we will tell you the download speed and if it will be good enough for an IPTV system. If this is not acceptable, then we will not install the device and we will not charge you! There are many providers springing up with IPTV systems at present which again, we have researched and checked the quality of equipment used.

'Beware, not all of them are good!' The usual terminology applies here of 'buy cheap, buy twice'. Trust in us to advise and install your new IPTV system as you can be guaranteed that all products have been meticulously tested and checked. This is the future for viewing your television channels particularly on the Costa del Sol and is an excellent complement or to your existing satellite system.

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Sky HD and 3D

Sky HD and 3D We have supplied and installed 1000's of Sky HD systems in Andalucía to the highest of standards. The resonance of picture is up to 5 X clearer than a standard receiver and with the benefit of having an optical output, if you have the correct home entertainment equipment, the quality of sound will blow you away.

Sky has honed their HD/3D TV decoder over the years and now produce a quality piece of equipment with excellent clarity and a superb and easy to use system for recording. It’s so simple a child can pause/rewind/record 100's of hours of vibrant HD quality television.

Remember to use The Sky Doctors for supplying and fitting your equipment. We consult with you prior to installation, advise where we will site the dish, where you would like the cables to run, whether we can hide them in internal conduit as let's face it, we all hate seeing cables in our house.

If you have a communal satellite system our Spanish speaking technicians will liaise with the president or administrators of your urbanisation to ease the process. Either contact us or request a call back to discuss your needs, as always we endeavour to give you advise and help at all times.

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Sky HD & Multiroom + IPTV Multiroom

Sky TV Multiroom TV Multiroom may be installed in various formats. Either a centralised receiver that can link up to a maximum of eight rooms via a global link system. This means that you may view and change the same channel in any of the rooms with use of coax cable. Alternatively we can install the same system over cat 5 cable to give you HD quality in all rooms although this can be expensive and bear in mind, if your television is under 32", this will not really make a great deal of difference. You can also have a separate set top box in every room of your property, with either a 2/4/8 way LNB (low noise block down converter) on your satellite dish or for communities, a multi switch that would give you extra ports for your apartment giving you the scope for additional boxes.

You can either have a subscription for the additional boxes separately or with Sky multi room you will be paying £10.25 a month for each extra box. Please bear in mind that the extra boxes are supposed to be attached to a UK telephone line and Sky do periodically test this. If they discover that your additional box isn't connected then they may charge you extra for your multi room subscriptions.

IPTV Multiroom would work in 2 different ways. If you wanted to watch the same channel in a different room then it would work very similarly to a sky system with the only difference, we would need to install a modulator so as to change the output that would be sent from the IPTV box from AV to RF (Audio visual to Radio frequency), so the existing or new coax cable can be used. If you wanted to change channel in a different room then you would need what we call a 'zapper kit'. This works through your electrical cable in the property, consists of a sender and receiver, resulting in you being able to change channel in, 'say your bedroom'. If you wanted to have different channels in other rooms, you would need adequate internet speed from your provider. Typically 2 mb per box would be needed for which we would run LAN cable from where the router is situated to the rooms specified. If your property was of a larger specification it would be possible to have repeating routers in various positions that would enhance the internet speed in other locations of your house. So all we would need to do is connect from the nearest router through the internal conduit, next to your TV. Whatever you decide, contact us and we will either advise you and quote you on your individual specifications.

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Freesat and Freesat + HD

Freesat TV Spain Now that the change has taken place for Freesat channels on the Costa del Sol we now know exactly what channels are remaining. If you would still like Freesat installed 'for the remainder of the channels', we would advise you to read the Freesat page and to look at the remaining channel list. All the latest systems and updated information is on our Facebook page.

This is the quickest tool that we can update our clients with info, advice, prices, etc. So please like us on Facebook.

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The Unlimited Router

Unlimited Internet Router

After the success of the 3G and 4G products that we have brought to you previously, we now have sourced, tested and rolled out our new fantastic product, 'The Unlimited Router'. This, now really is the only unlimited internet router on the Costa del Sol. All other Sim Cards with routers have a fair use policy that has to be adhered to. This does not and can be used for all of your internet devices, including IPTV, mobiles, iPad's, streaming devices, all of the time.

The download speed we expect in all areas is up to 20MBPS and upload speed of 5MBPS. This is an extremely stable system that will function well, whatever and however you are using it. This router also comes with a CASH BACK offer!!! With the 12 month contract on this router, clients receive 150€ Cash back after the 12 months have finished.

If you contact us 7 days before the contract is finished to tell us that you would like to receive the Cash back offer then drop the router to our Calahonda office, you will receive 150€ Cash back. The router must be in good working order, no scratches, boxed and with cables supplied. 

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All of our products are Supplied and Installed Directly from The Sky Doctors

The Sky Doctors engineers are CAI qualified, with on-going training to meet the industry standards when it comes to installing our services in your home. This is also backed by our “No Quibble” 1 Year guarantee on all of our products.
If you have any questions with regards to our products of services please feel free to contact us.

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