IPTV Spain - Setup your MAG250 Receiver

Three options to watch IPTV TV channels through the internet

If it is possible for The Sky Doctors to hard wire your IPTV system, which is always our preferred choice, we will. We always carry a range of equipment to make your IPTV WIFI enabled. We can either use a Tenda stick or a TP link stick which will pick up the signal from your WIFI router to the IPTV box.

We use this system with our Unlimited Router, delivering the WIFI signal effortlessly from the router to your IPTV Spain set top box. We also use TP plugin adapters that run through the electric circuit within your property which is an excellent solution if your WIFI router is situated in a difficult position or there are no conduits in the property to fish wire LAN cable from the router to your new IPTV box. NB. We always try to hard wire a system wherever possible as this is always the most stable way of connecting your IPTV equipment.

Please take a look at the available options to install and set up your Mag 250/Mag 254 Receiver.

Accessories for your IPTV system

Tenda Link

Tenda Link

A Tenda 'stick' connects to your IPTV box in either the front or back USB port. This clever little device makes the Mag 250 box talk to your internet router 'wirelessly'. It can also be used for file sharing in your PC/laptop. It is a fast and reliable connection that works on 2.4GHZ with wireless speeds of up to 150 MBPS.

TP Link Stick

TP Link Stick

The TP link 'stick' works in much the same way as the Tenda stick above but with the addition of being slightly stronger for when the WIFI router is further away. We also use either of these products for our excellent MIFI 'unlimited' internet router, so to make the IPTV box completely WIFI.

TP Link Plugin's

TP Link Plugin's

The TP link 'plugins' are designed to make your IPTV box wireless with the use of the electrical circuit (ring main) within your property. They plugin to a mains power socket, a LAN cable is then attached from the router to the 'sender' plugin. At the other end (where the IPTV box is situated), the receiver plugin is 'plugged in' to the mains socket then a LAN cable attached to the IPTV box. These are ideal if you have an older style property where it is not viable to run a LAN (internet) cable through the interior conduit.

IPTV Installation

As with all new equipment installed in your home we will demonstrate it to you and show you again and again until you are happy and confident with operating it. We do ask you that after installing that you familiarise yourself with the new system and also your TV AV/HDMI input settings. When you turn your TV on you may have to change the input on your TV remote to either HDMI 1 or 2 or AV 2/3/4 depending which input your IPTV set top box is using. If your TV is showing 'no signal' in the corner, you are definitely on the wrong input and you would need to depress the input/AV button on your 'television' remote control to find the correct input that your IPTV set top box is connected to.

We will show you this when we are installing but it is up to you to remember. It may be better if you are unsure and likely to forget certain procedures that you write instructions down with pen to paper. It is virtually impossible to generalise instructions for each case as all televisions are different and each client will have a different set up.

The IPTV box will either be installed via your own router or through a WIFI device which will be on your villa/townhouse/apartment or our MIFI 'unlimited' router. If you have your own router connected to a telephone line, a LAN (internet) cable will be installed from your router to your IPTV box. The connectors at each end of the cable should be inserted correctly at the router and IPTV box inputs. If they are not inserted correctly you will not receive a picture on your TV resulting in the message 'page loading error' on your TV screen. This message will appear 100% of the time if you have an issue with the internet by whatever means it is brought in to your house.

If a 'Page Loading Error' message appears, here are some tips on what to do.

Check both ends of the LAN cable connections, unplug and then re plug back into the router and IPTV box. If need be un plug your router at the mains socket then re plug to reset. If you have our MIFI router, check that it isn't switched off. If not, turn the MIFI router upside down, flip the back battery cover off, take the small battery out, re insert then turn the MIFI back on by depressing the button on the right of the device for a few seconds

At the IPTV box end, remember to check that you are on the correct input on your TV, as if the TV says 'no signal' you are definitely not on the correct one. Make sure the LAN (internet) cable is inserted correctly. If you are unsure, un plug the cable and re insert. If you have a Tenda link or TP link inserted in the front of the IPTV box then take it out and re insert. As you look at the front of the IPTV box, on the back left hand side you will see a small power (mains) lead. Unplug this lead then re insert after 30 seconds. The IPTV box will then reload and 'infomir' should appear on the screen, then 'loading'. Your TV picture should be restored.

If not, and page loading error persists to appear on the screen there will be a problem with your internet. (Or, if you have a Tenda or TP link stick in the front of the IPTV box, it may not be picking up the signal from your WIFI router).

Speed Test

NB: If you are testing your internet speed on a mobile device or tablet, you will need to download the Free speed test app here: www.speedtest.net

At this point, your internet speed may be too slow to connect your box to the internet, hence why the 'page loading error message'. (This is in the case of a LAN cable being connected directly to your IPTV box). It would then be advisable to test your internet speed, typically from 20.00 hrs to 23.00 hrs. If your speed is below 1.5mb, you will have issues with receiving a strong enough signal for your IPTV box to work correctly. You would then need to contact your internet provider and report that your speed is very low and that you would require them to improve your internet speed. (If this is possible). If you have plugin WIFI adapters that bring the WIFI connection from your internet router to your IPTV box, the same applies. Un-plug to reset and check the connectors at both ends. Remember plugin's will only work on the same electrical circuit in your house. (On the same ring main).

When The Sky Doctors receive your call, we will always ask you for your internet speed. (Especially at high internet usage times - 20.00 hrs to 23.00 hrs). If your internet speed is too low between those times, we will not install a system for you.

We will either advise you to contact your internet supplier to get the speed improved or we will offer you our Unlimited option as this may well be the solution for you.

Read more out about our MIFI Internet options.

To ensure you are able to watch TV via the internet, check your internet speed below.

Test Your Internet Speed

You will need a minimum of 2mb of ADSL speed to watch IPTV in Spain via the internet.

Speed Test

Warning! Inferior Systems

As these systems are now becoming common place in homes for ex pats outside their own country it is important that clients make sure of certain factors. The credibility of the company installing the product, the longevity, the back-up service and instant access to help and advice. We at The Sky Doctors believe we fill all the requirements that you need. We have seen since the 'switch over' of the Astra satellites that numerous companies have sprouted up selling so called plug and play products on the Costa del Sol. Even some telephone companies are vying for the hard sell by setting up stalls in shopping centres and malls telling you that all you have to do is plug your set top box into the internet router and it will work fine. This is wrong and these so called companies are just getting on the band wagon for a quick buck!

We, at The Sky Doctors have had many calls on this from unsuspecting clients that think they have bought 'a bargain' only then to find that after plugging in there new system, they find that it's extremely poor quality as the servers these companies use are uploading a low grade picture, they have been badly advised as the clients internet speed is either too low to support IPTV or the client has not enough bandwidth on their internet and the picture keeps breaking down. In some cases clients have even bought the product, got home and there IPTV box does not work at all!

Then we have come across other unscrupulous hard sell tactics, visiting bars, market stalls, all sorts of unqualified and inexperienced 'technicians' and we use that word very loosely, are getting in on the act. Then we have companies selling android boxes and charging for a 'free service' like 'Film on!' This is not just immoral but plain wrong. Film on and any 'free service' make their money from advertising which will interrupt your viewing. They reportedly make $24 million a year revenue and then give you a free TV service. This all sounds very good, apart from the fact that the system crashes (a lot), if you upload from a smaller lower resolution device, say a laptop to your TV the picture is pixelated and grainy. There is also the potential problem that services like this are not stable as they are 'like all TV streaming' open to prosecution from broadcasters, so like last year for over a week, the service was 'off air!' Our message, again is be careful with your money and watch out for devices that contain such a service as you may be paying a monthly fee for something that has a huge Film on banner in the corner of TV screen.

Our advice, as always, do your research, not only in to the product but who is attempting to sell it to you. Usually if the price is too good to be true, then stay away! There are lots of products and companies to be wary of. Best to call us, as always so we can give you the advice you need to help you make the correct decision.