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3G MIFI Spain Internet services

If you are on vacation on the Costa del Sol or even if you live here, our 3G MIFI router will allow you to access WIFI in Spain on the go. It's the perfect solution for connecting to the internet while you are on holiday. This clever little pocket size MIFI router will allow you to stay connected to the internet anywhere in Spain with download speeds between 7 to 20 MBPS.

It’s the size of a mobile phone and has a SIM card through a leading mobile operator inside which gives you access to 3G MIFI internet in Spain and with fair use policy download limits. So it can be used watch TV online, check emails, gaming, or just browsing the internet. The MIFI battery will last approximately 4.5+ hours and will allow you to connect up to 8 devices via WIFI, perfect for families with children connecting their mobile and tablets to the MIFI router to access internet in Spain with a fair use policy or data roaming charges!

If you live on the Costa del Sol, then you can also access WIFI in Spain in your property to watch UK TV in Spain and Scandinavian IPTV via our IPTV system. The added advantage of using our 3G MIFI Spain device is, you will also be able to take the pocket size 3G router with you while you travel around the Costa del Sol, perfect for property owners in Spain who only spend a few months of the year here.

As we all know, internet in Spain, particularly on the Costa del Sol is not the best. This is down to the infrastructure in place which has not been updated and modernised in years. Our 3G MIFI router is the best option to access WIFI in Spain.

An alternative option if you prefer a fixed router is our 4G fair use policy internet router which is available to buy or rent directly from The Sky Doctor. This option also comes with fair use policy data usage, achieving speeds of up to 100MBPS download and 15MBPS upload. Our internet router operates via the 4G mobile network resulting in download speeds far higher than an ADSL broadband connection through a telephone line. A perfect fixed router solution for accessing the internet in Spain without a telephone line.

The 4G router is not a mobile device/router.

MIFI Spain is available to rent from 5€ per day with fair use policy internet and no data roaming charges!

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3G MIFI Spain Rental Features

Book online and pay for your MIFI on collection or delivery.

We can arrange delivery and collection at: apartments, hotels, private residences and villas.

Connect up 8 Devices.

The MIFI 3G WIFI Router allows up to 8 devices connected at any one time. Laptops, iPads, mobiles, gaming devices and if you want to watch UKTV through whichever platform you are using, you can. Just simply connect to each device by inputting the code on the MIFI unit.

Internet from 3€ per day.

The MIFI/WIFI router is the only rental MIFI device on the market that gives you 'a fair use policy data usage'. Access the internet while you're out in bars, restaurants or just chilling out at the beach.

No Roaming Charges.

There is no need to use your own mobile tariff for downloading, streaming TV, Internet shopping, gaming, etc. Use any of your Internet devices connected to MIFI and forget about your own mobile operators download charges. Once connected, stay connected as your Internet device will remember the MIFI code once inputted.

Guaranteed access to WIFI in Spain with high download speeds on all your devices no matter where you go.

Whether you are at Málaga airport or at the beach, our elegant pocket-size 3G MIFI Spain router ensures you always have WIFI on the Costa del Sol.

How to book and collect your WIFI rental in Spain

To book your WIFI rental in Spain, simply use our online MIFI booking form and select the dates you would like to rent your MIFI router.

Nueva Andalucia - Collection Location

The Nueva Andalucia office is located in Aloha Gardens reception and is open 7 days a week from 1000 to 1800. Out of hours 'drop offs' can be deposited in the 'Aloha Gardens' MIFI drop off box located on the wall of reception.

Aloha Gardens - Reception
Urb Aloha Golf
Avda del Prado S/N
Nueva Andalucia

GPS Coordinates: 36°30'15.9"N 4°57'38.7"W

Do you arrange delivery?

If there is an issue with using our 'pick up/drop off' service then why not book in our delivery service where we will drop off your MIFI device and collect it for you on the specified days that you have booked. For an extra 40€ each way (area, Fuengirola to Estepona) we will do it all for you. If you prefer to collect and drop off yourself then it is very simple to find both our 'drop off/pick up points' and the Calahonda office is on the way to the airport anyway.

Whichever option you choose, it's easy to book and collect or have your MIFI delivered to you. (Deliveries outside the areas specified will be charged extra. See T&C's).

Deposit Policy:

50€ will be collected/debited via cash or credit card for your MIFI device on collection of the MIFI unit. If the device is not returned within the rental period agreement or arrives back to us with a cracked or damaged screen then the deposit will not be refunded. Deposit refunds will be processed back to the credit card number that was taken or cash on return of the MIFI unit.


Cancellations within 48 hours from collection will be charged at the deposit policy rate. Otherwise no debit will be taken from your account.

Worried about download speeds using 3G MIFI Spain on the go?

Well, we've got that covered!

The MIFI 3G 'unlimited' Internet router covers 99% of mainland Spain to provide our clients excellent coverage in all areas and the best thing, you can use it as much as you wish as there are 'no limits' whatsoever!

Connect all of your Internet enabled devices to the MIFI router (8 in total) and use it as much as you like, when you like and where you like. Take the MIFI router to the beach, golf club, shopping or simply plug it in at home and stream Films, Live television, surf the Internet, use it for Facebook or You Tube. Whatever its purpose, the MIFI router is built for purpose!

Get WIFI in Spain and access the internet on the go!

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