How to Setup your Connection for MIFI with IPTV

Please follow the steps below.

You can also Download the instructions as a PDF.

WIFI Connection

  1. Highlight system settings using arrow buttons on IP remote, then press OK button.
  2. Network should be highlighted if so press OK button, if not use arrows to highlight it and press OK.
  3. Use arrow buttons on remote to highlight wireless (WIFI) then press the OK button.
  4. Auto (DHCP) should be highlighted, if so press OK, if not highlight it with arrow buttons then press OK button.
  5. Use up and down arrows to highlight desired network typically (Movistar) then press OK.
  6. Check the inside of MIFI cover or underside of 4G Router for network ID.
  7. Use down arrow to highlight “Key or Passphrase” then press the KB button located 2 x buttons below the red standby button.
  8. Input the code (WIFI key) or (wireless LAN key) depending on the device installed. This is located either on the inside cover of the MIFI device or the underside of the 4G router. This is shown to you by the installer. Using the arrow keys in conjunction with the OK button enter the code. (the passwords are case sensitive) so take note of the (green F2 “caps lock on” button bottom right of screen), pressing this will change the keyboard layout to capitals. Once all the characters are in place press the KB button again, this will prompt you to save settings.
  9. Press the OK button to save the settings.
  10. Highlight “Reboot Portal” and press the OK button.
  11. The system should load automatically, if not keep pressing OK on the highlighted option “TRY AGAIN”. After 3-4 tries it will log you into system, if after many tries it does not load. make sure you have put the WIFI code in properly starting at stage (1.) again. REMEMBER the WIFI key / wireless LAN key is case sensitive.

Hard Wired

If your IPTV system is hardwired and you get the “PAGE LOADING ERROR” check the connections to your IPTV box and internet router. Make sure the connectors are firmly connected to the IPTV box and firmly connected into the output of your router. Unplug the router and plug the router back in. This resets the data transfer rate and in-turn improves performance.

If all fails contact The Sky Doctors on +34 952 763 840 or +34 635 400 099.