MIFI Spain Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the MIFI WIFI Rental we provide. If you have any questions that are not answered here or anywhere else on the site, please contact us via our contact page.

What is MIFI WIFI?

MIFI 3G is a handheld hot spot that supplies you completely unlimited internet in mainland Spain which fits in your pocket and connects to up to 8 devices like your iPhone, iPad, laptop, computer, camera or even for viewing television on Film On or your IPTV system.

How can I rent a MIFI, collect and drop off?

It's simple. Click to the 'Book your WIFI Rental' page and follow the step by step order process, enter your details, the dates that suit you and the collection/drop off locations, one in the heart of Nueva Andalucia at Aloha Gardens, the other, on the way from/back to the airport on the coast road. Just after the McDonald's exit. For out of hours, you can drop off in the post box. If need be, for a charge, we offer a drop off collection service on the day you arrive to the end of your stay.

How do I connect the MIFI for my internet devices?

Simply turn on the MIFI (you will be given an instruction sheet on collection), flip the battery cover off and and your MIFI password is marked Clave, then a letter and number code. Enter this code in to your internet device and hey presto, your connected.

How fast will my MIFI be?

The MIFI device can operate at speeds in excess of 24 Mbps but the average is around 10 Mbps. Upload speed up to 4/5 Mbps. This is area dependant.

What data can I consume?

The is a fair usage policy, it is not Unlimted.

Can I use Skype or FaceTime and VOIP?

No problem. You can use the MIFI device for any internet enabled phone calls.

How long will the battery last?

The battery will last for 5 hours if being used full time, 30 hours part time and if not used but on standby, nearly 300 hours.

Will it work in my area?

Yes. MIFI works on the largest mobile operator in Spain and has a 99% coverage area.

How far will the MIFI work from where it is situated?

MIFI has a 15 metre range. This depends on the location of the device.

What do I receive with my MIFI?

How long before collection can I book my MIFI?

We recommend that you book your rental MIFI 5 days before collecting from our Calahonda or Nueva Andalucia offices.

Can I extend the rental period?

Yes you can. Please call our main booking office at Calahonda on +34 952 930 600 to extend your booking.

What happens if I cancel?

No charge if cancellation is within a 48 hour period.

When do I receive my deposit back?

Your deposit will either be returned when you drop it off, either via cash or credited to your credit card. If it is a 'out of hours' drop of, it will be credited back to your credit card once the device has been checked.

What happens if a problem arises with my MIFI?

Please read your sheet given to you on collection or delivery and follow the re-set instructions. If that fails, please call +34 952 930 600.

What happens if I take the device back to my home country?

We all make mistakes so although we strongly advise you don't but if it is a genuine mistake and the device is sent back to us within 48 hours from the drop off date and arrives unscathed, No charge applies. If it arrives after that window then a service charge will be applicable.